Quality Assurance

Quality Policy adopted by ICPA Health Products Ltd. is as follows:

“ICPA is committed to the goal of ensuring that every product we manufacture and distribute meet or exceed established guidelines for the pharmaceutical industry in terms of quality, purity, efficacy, & safety.
We ensure consistent quality through continual improvement of the operation of a quality system and related quality processes. All members of the ICPA Family shall contribute to maintaining excellence through quality standards that meet or exceed customer’s expectations.”

Quality Principles:

To ensure we achieve our goal and that all products meet the highest level of quality and efficacy, ICPA Health Products Ltd. will:

● Provide an environment suitable to the manufacture of drugs for human consumption.
● Provide adequate training to all employees.
● Set meaningful specifications for all raw materials (RM’s), including packaging materials (PM’s), bulk products (BP’s), and finished products (FP’s).
● Build quality into products.
● Utilize written SOPs throughout the plant.
● Monitor and control all plant activities.
● Measure conformance to all local standards and cGMP principles.

Our manufacturing site complies with local regulatory requirements and general principles of the current good manufacturing practices.

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