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Transforming patient care, empowering healthcare professionals!

At ICPA Health Products Limited, we’re on a mission to help people around the world live their healthiest, happiest lives. Since our founding in 1983, we’ve been at the forefront of the oral healthcare segment, creating top-of-the-line dental, herbal, and cosmetic products that keep people healthy at every stage of life.

With a focus on affordability and patient-friendliness, we’re able to stay competitive in the ever-changing healthcare industry. Last year, we launched our groundbreaking Heximetro product at the annual conference of the Indian Society of Periodontology, providing comprehensive care against periodontal and peri-implant diseases involving anaerobic and aerobic pathogens. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – we have a wide range of products that appeal to both medical professionals and patients alike.

Our founder and MD, Shri Rohit Mehta, established ICPA with a single goal: to create and deliver world-class products for the healthcare market. That’s why all of our products are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, using the latest research and state-of-the-art development facilities.

Our vision is to be a true leader in the global healthcare industry, combining technology, research, and expert human intervention to deliver the best possible outcomes for our customers. We’re committed to innovation, and that’s evident in our WHO GMP-certified manufacturing facilities and our cutting-edge Research and Development Centre.


Based in Mumbai, we have a global presence and an extensive franchise network that includes dental surgeons primarily, along with ENT and cancer specialists throughout the subcontinent. Our products are available and prescribed in a variety of countries, including

Founders and MD Message

Innovating for a Healthier Tomorrow

Two questions have guided us through the glorious journey of more than 50 years.

1. How can we enrich the lives of people around the world?

2. What more can we do with our products & services to help healthcare professionals in their practice?

We at ICPA Health are driven by a commitment to innovation and excellence in pharmaceuticals, with a mission to contribute to the quality of life for people worldwide.

Our goal is to become a truly global pharma company by launching high-impact healthcare products that allow us to excel in the ever-evolving and challenging pharmaceutical industry.

As pioneers of oral care in India, we have been providing indispensable pharmaceuticals and funding research and development for tomorrow’s innovative medicines. Slowly but surely, we are also making progress in dermatology, ENT and Oncology care.

We’re proud to support the communities in which we live and work and to extend our reach to more global regions and patients than ever before. With our investment in pioneering science and strong alliances with professional partners, we’re able to bring our oral care drugs to hundreds of new patients every day, all across the globe.

We welcome you to our website and invite you to join us in our journey to transform oral and overall healthcare and enrich lives worldwide.

Vision and Mission


Our vision is to discover and develop innovative products that prevent and cure diseases and improve the quality of life for the global healthcare market, today and tomorrow.

At ICPA, we are committed to our philosophy of ensuring healthcare with zero trauma. We strive to excel at delivering world-class products that become the leaders in their respective categories. Our vision for tomorrow holds dreams of a healthy & pain-free society.


Our mission is to make ICPA the most respected brand in the healthcare space and continue creating the best products for a healthy future.

Quality Assurance

ICPA is powered by a Quality Policy that helps us align with our organization’s mission, purpose, and strategic direction. This policy provides a framework to meet quality objectives and enforces our commitment to meet customer, regulatory or statutory requirements while providing us with an incentive to continually improve.

Our Quality Assurance Statement

“ICPA is committed to the goal of ensuring that every product we manufacture and distribute meets or exceeds established guidelines for the pharmaceutical industry in terms of quality, purity, efficacy, and safety.

“We ensure consistent quality through continual improvement of the operation of a quality system and related quality processes. All members of the ICPA Family shall contribute to maintaining excellence through quality standards that meet or exceed customer’s expectations.”

Our Quality Principles

To ensure we achieve our goal and that all products meet the highest level of quality and efficacy, ICPA:

  • Provides an environment suitable to the manufacture of drugs for human consumption
  • Provides adequate training to all employees
  • Sets meaningful specifications for all raw materials (RMs), including packaging materials (PMs), bulk products (BPs), and finished products (FPs)
  • Builds quality into products
  • Utilizes written SOPs throughout the plant
  • Monitors and controls all plant activities
  • Measures conformance to all local standards and cGMP principles

Our manufacturing site complies with local regulatory requirements and general principles of the current good manufacturing practices.


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MIU ( million units )


MIU ( million units )


MIU ( million units )

Manufacturing Facility

Global Scale Capacity

ICPA Health Products Limited was established in the year 1983 by Mr. Rohit G. Mehta as a private limited company. His vision was to be a top-notch pharmaceutical manufacturing company with specialization in oral care products. Today, ICPA is the leader in oral care products and caters to more than 30% of the oral care market in India.

Mr. R. G. Mehta, a pharmacist by profession, with his modern approach and analytical capabilities helped ICPA to introduce effective medicines which meet or exceed established guidelines for the pharmaceutical industry in terms of quality, purity, efficacy, and safety. The company is managed by following board of directors:

M/S ICPA Health Products Limited, a WHO-GMP and ISO 9001:2000 certified company is located in the industrial town of Ankleshwar, Gujarat. Ankleshwar is situated about 300 km north of India’s commercial capital Mumbai on the national highway no. 8 and Mumbai – Delhi broad gauge railway line. The nearest airport is about 85 km away, which is connected to Ankleshwar by an express highway.

The registered office of the company is situated at :

ICPA Health Products Limited,
216-219, 233-A, Adarsh, Sahar Road,
Andheri (E)
Mumbai – 400099 (India).

And manufacturing site is situated at :

ICPA Health Products Limited
286/287/288, GIDC
Ankleshwar – 393002 (Gujarat) (India)

ICPA is committed to manufacturing healthcare products that have high therapeutic value. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has received accreditations from relevant government authorities and follows stringent manufacturing and quality standards.

Our manufacturing facility is built on a nearly 75,000 sq. ft. lush green plot of land. It is focused on manufacturing allopathic medicines in the external preparations category (liquid and ointments). The total installed capacity of the plant is 85 million units per annum. ICPA also manufactures herbal medicines and cosmetics in another facility independent of allopathic manufacturing.

Our plant is designed to meet stringent norms as per WHO-GMP and Schedule M of the Drugs & Cosmetic Rules 1945. The design of the plant and facilities takes care of cross- contamination, mix-ups, and men & material movements. The facility’s quality assurance and quality control department is independent of manufacturing and reports to directors for all quality-related matters. Specific facilities have been created for water treatment, air handling, engineering department, and effluent treatment. Dedicated R&D formulation and analytical development have been provided.






ISO 13485
ISO 9001:2015








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