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  • Mucopain 15gm

    For Instant Mucosal Pain Relief

    Benzocaine I.P. 20% w/w in a water-miscible base

    Mode of Action:
    Topical anaesthetic agents such as Mucopain penetrate the oral mucosa effectively and offer local anaesthetic activity that lasts for 10-20 minutes. The poor water solubility of Mucopain makes it safe for topical use. Local anaesthetics reversibly block nerve transmission, when applied to a limited area of the body. They bind to the sodium channels in the nerve membrane and prevent the entry of sodium ions in response to the membrane’s depolarization.

    For production of topical anaesthesia of all accessible mucous membrane, except eyes. For temporary local relief of pain associated with dental conditions and oropharyngeal disorders.

    Directions for use:
    Use as and when required.

    Discontinue medication and consult a doctor if sensitivity or irritation occurs. Safe use of Mucopain is not established during pregnancy on the foetus. Do not cover the affected area with cotton or other material. Not for infant use.

    Lamitube of 15g (0.52 oz)

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