Fluoritop SR Varnish 10X1.5ML

Fluoritop SR Varnish 10X1.5ML

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For Dental Caries and Severe Dentinal Hypersensitivity

Each ml contains: Sodium Fluoride I.P…….50mg Equivalent to 22.6mg of fluoride in slow release form 22,600 ppm of fluoride. Alcohol based varnish……..q.s.

Mechanism Of Action:
Strengthens the enamel/increased resistance to wear.
Increases resistance to acid attacks/prevents tooth decay.
Blocks open & sensitive dentinal tubules/ treats & prevents dentinal hypersensitivity.

For Caries Prevention:
Dose: 0.3ml to 0.5ml (2 to 5 drops) for primary dentition 1ml (8 to 10 drops) for mix dentition 1ml to 1.5ml (10-15 drops) for adult dentition Frequency Of Application: Once in six months, for caries preventive action. For aggressive carious conditions once every 3 months.

For Hypersensitivity:
Dose: 0.5ml (4 to 5 drops) per quardrent. Frequency Of Application: Once every week for three weeks or two applications in a week.

Mode Of Application:
Select teeth – Remove visible debris & deposits on the teeth surface.
Dry with air syringe or cotton pledget.
Paint recommended quantity of varnish on tooth surface directly through the nozzle or with an applicator brush, cotton bud, probe or cotton wool pledget.
Now, allow it to dry. After the varnish is painted on the tooth surface, it is reported to remain there for 12/15 hrs. During this time, fluoride is deposited in the enamel.

Patient should not eat or brush for atleast 4 hours after varnish application.
Other fluoride preparations like gels and rinses should not be used for atleast 24 hrs after the varnish application.
Fluoride tablets to be discontinued for several days after varnish application.

Adverse Effects:
When the recommended dosage of Fluoride varnish is followed, no side effects should occur. Inadvertent ingestion can produce headache and weakness. More severe instances of excessive ingestion can cause CNS problems such as irritability, paresthesia, tetany, convulsion, respiratory failure and cardiac failure. Fluoride has direct toxic action on nerve tissue.

Hypersensitivity to fluorides.

Contains 10 tubes of 1.5ml each

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Slow Release Topical Dental Fluoride – Pack of 1 contains 10 Tubes of 1.5 ml each.

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3 reviews for Fluoritop SR Varnish 10X1.5ML

  1. Dr.madhukar kr.

    Vary easy metod of application….thanks dr. Nidhi mam

  2. Dr Manjiri Upadhyay


  3. Dr. Prantik Kumar Roy

    Nice easy way of applying varnish …..eliminating gag reflex…

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