Why Mumps/ MMR vaccine may work and how it might be protecting the children from COVID-19.

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1] Neuraminidase (NA) protein found on mumps virus has some similarities with the Spike protein of #sarscov2

2] The universal mumps vaccine and MMR vaccine, produce anti-NA antibodies.

3] These anti-NA antibodies bind to the Spike protein of #SARSCoV2 and protect the ACE2 receptor of the host from infection.

4] That’s why the low incidence of #COVID19 in children may be related to the anti-NA antibodies produced in them by Mumps/ MMR vaccines.

5] In contrast, vaccines that fail to produce anti-NA antibodies do not protect ACE2 against S-Protein.

6] Recombinant Influenza (Flu) Vaccine targets hemagglutinin, therefore, does not produce anti-NA antibodies after vaccination and cannot effectively protect against COVID-19.

7] This may explain why even with a high influenza vaccination rates, the USA has a large number of COVID-19 patients.

Link: SSRN Preprint, 16 June 2020

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