SARS-COV-2 spread inside households

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If a household member gets #COVID19, what’s your chance of getting infected from him?

Latest report from CDC (30 Oct 2020)

101 index patients and 191 household members were enrolled and completed ≥7 days of follow-up.

Percentage of index patients who spent > 4 hrs time in the same room with their household members:

69% index patients – day before symptom onset;

40% the day after illness onset.

Percentage of index patients who slept in the same room with their household members:

40% of index patients before illness onset;30% after illness onset.

102 of the 191 household members underwent PCR (swab/ saliva)

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 within households is high, occurs quickly, and can originate from both children and adults.

Secondary infections occurred rapidly, with approximately 75% of infections identified within 5 days of the index patient’s illness onset.

The rates of symptomatic and asymptomatic  #SARSCoV2  infections were 36% and 18%, respectively. Overall 54% from 101 households.

Prompt adoption of disease control measures, including self-isolating at home, appropriate self-quarantine of household contacts, and all household members wearing a mask in shared spaces, can reduce the probability of household transmission.

Link: CDC, 30 Oct 2020

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