Fresh Breath – An essential feature of a healthy life style

Bad breath, also known as Halitosis, is the 3rd most common dental complaint after tooth decay and gum diseases. It comes among the 100 most common causes of distress in humans, and almost 50% of population suffers from halitosis.

There is a strong correlation between the tongue coating, amount of bacteria on the tongue surface and bad breath. The coating on upper surface of the tongue is made up of dead cells, food residues, bacteria and their products. Also, the fissures on the tongue surface create an ideal environment for the bacteria to grow, where it is difficult for the saliva to flow and clean the area. Mechanical removal of tongue coating along with the bacteria has a crucial role in the control of bad breath. Tongue brushing has the potential to successfully remove the tongue coating and reduce bad breath. A recent study (2017) has shown that with self-cleaning of tongue coating, halitosis could be decreased substantially.

Hence, if one includes tongue brushing in his oral care habits every day, he can prevent or substantially reduce bad breath. Antibacterial mouthrinses have been very effective in reducing the bacterial count. So if one adds a mouthwash too, he can combat bad breath even more effectively. A simple way would be to use a soft brush specifically designed for the tongue surface, dip it in an effective antibacterial mouthrinse (eg. Chlorhexidine) and then use the wet brush to clean the tongue surface.

A fresh breath kit that contains all the specific tools required to reduce bad breath would be of great use to the general population. Apart from tongue brush and antibacterial mouthrinse, the kit would also have sugar free chewing gums, which would stimulate salivary flow because dry mouth and dry tongue surface are known to increase halitosis.

Halyx is a comprehensive, scientific evidence based kit that contains all the components required to combat halitosis and ensure fresh breath. You can contact ICPA to know more about halyx kit and enjoy long lasting fresh breath.

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