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  • Clinsodent Tablet

    Effervescent Denture Cleansing Tablets

    Each uncoated tablet contains Sodium perborate monohydrate 480mg.

    Mode of action:
    Specially formulated to clean all water insoluble residues from dentures that other cleansers may not remove. Clinsodents powerful antibacterial formula kills germs that causes odor and plaque. The baking soda and peroxide formula fight germs and whiten denture while refreshing dentures.

    Direction for use:

    • Drop one CLINSODENT denture cleansing tablet into enough warm water to cover denture or appliance.
    • Place denture into effervescing blue solution.
    • Leave your denture or appliance in the solution for 30 minutes to completely remove all invisible water insoluble residues.
    • For best results, use once a day. Your denture may be safely soaked in CLINSODENT overnight.
    • Remove and rinse denture or appliance under running water. Dry naturally.


    • Do not drink the cleansing solution or use it as mouthwash.
    • Keep tablets out of reach of children.
    • Do not put tablet in the mouth.

    Each box contains 8 strips of 4 tablet. Total tablets 32 in a box.

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