Oral Antiulcerant

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  • Mucofibro 10’s

    Mucofibro is a formulation of antioxidants available in the form of softgel capsules. Each soft gelatin capsule contains lycopene – 5 mg, beta-carotene – 10 mg, alpha lipoic acid 50 mg, elemental copper – 1 mg, elemental selenium – 75 mcg, vitamin E – 10 IU and zinc sulphate – 27.45 mg. With an optimal combination of anti-oxidants, carotenoids, and minerals, Mucofibro detoxifies the cells by scavenging the cell-damaging free radicals. This cell detoxification removes oxidative stress in the cells and enhances the overall tissue healing capacity, which results in faster healing of various oral lesions and conditions. It also improves the clinical outcomes of various non-surgical and surgical treatments.

    Precancerous lesions: Leukoplakia, Erythroplakia (to prevent/ slow down the malignant transformation)
    Precancerous conditions: Oral Submucous Fibrosis (to prevent/ slow down the malignant transformation)
    As an adjunct to non-surgical & surgical periodontal treatments for various gum diseases: Gingivitis and Periodontitis
    As an adjunct to implant treatments to improve osseointegration.
    As an adjunct to bone regeneration & tissue engineering procedures.
    In various oral surgical procedures for improved healing.
    For improved healing of oral ulcers

    2 times a day for 30 days or as directed by the doctor

    2 x 10 softgels

    Burning mouth due to tobacco abuse , Difficulty in opening mouth, Periodontitis

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