Fresh Breath Kit

Bad breath or halitosis can affect one’s self-esteem. Maintaining a good oral hygiene is a must to prevent bad breath and keep germs at bay. It is essential to brush teeth twice daily followed by flossing, tongue cleaning, and rinsing. ICPA introduces India’s first fresh breath kit to fight bad breath. This kit includes Glosso – Tongue Brush, Hexidine Mouthwash, Sugar-free Chewing Gums, Wassup Spray, and Thermoseal Proxa Brush.

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  • Fresh Breath Kit

    Halitosis or foul/bad breath, which is also a social issue, is supposed to be the 3rd most common dental complaint after tooth decay and gum infections.

    Halyx – the first ever commercially available “Fresh Breath Kit” has been designed with all scientific principles & ideal components. It empowers you to manage Halitosis comprehensively so that you can enjoy long lasting fresh breath.

    Fresh Breath Kit contains 5 components:

    1. Glosso : Tongue brush

    The tongue harbors majority of bacteria in the pits present on the upper visible ( dorsal ) surface of tongue. So efficient cleaning of dorsal surface of tongue is critical in eliminating halitosis. Glosso is special brush with a specific shape, size & soft bristles – all designed for an effective tongue cleaning without causing any harm to tongue surface

    2. Halyx Ultra (300 ml)

    Halyx kit contain 300 ml Halyx Ultra (Chlorhexidine gluconate 0.06%) mouthwash – a widely used antibacterial.

    As Mouthwash: Dispense Halyx Ultra in the measuring cup cum cap upto 10ml mark. Swish mouth for 1 minute and spit out. Use 3 times a day. Can continue mouth rinsing up to 3 months.

    As a Tongue Cleaner : Dispense Halyx Ultra in the measuring cup cum cap up to 10 ml mark. Dip Glosso tongue cleaning brush in it and use we bristles to gently brush the tongue daily.

    3. Wet Mouth (200 ml): Artificial Saliva Substitutes

    Xerostomia or dry mouth is a leading cause for halitosis. Wet Mouth is a salivary substitute, each 5 ml of which contains: Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose 0.5% w/v, Glycerin 30% w/v, in a presently flavored based. Saliva substitutes aid in keeping the oral mucosa moist and lubricated by hydration. When used regularly, they help to comfortable perform their daily activities like eating, speaking, and sleeping. Take full quantity in the cap of Wet Mouth and swish in the mouth for about 30 seconds. Do not rinse with water. Use as often to maintain wetness. Do not swallow.

    4. Chewing gums : Natural saliva stimulants

    A dry mouth / tongue emanates foul smell. A well salivated mouth with saliva coated mucosal surface prevents / reduces bad breath.

    5 Proxabrush : Interdental cleaning brushes

    Proxabrushes, with their narrow design, can mechanically clean the areas between the teeth, where you regular toothbrush fails to reach effectively. They remove the food particles & bacteria, which if not removed would decompose and cause bad breath. Patients who are undergoing lengthy orthodontic treatments can prevent bad breath by regular use of proxabrushes.

    Unique advantages:

    Halyx is the first ever fresh breath kit for comprehensive and most effective management of Halitosis.


    1. Glosso Tongue Brush : 1 N
    2. Halyx Ultra (300 ml) : 1 N
    3. Wet Mouth (200 ml) : 1 N
    4. Chewing gum (sugar free) : 1 strip of 6 N
    5. Thermoseal Proxa Interdental Brush : 1 N
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