Plain Chlorhexidine Works Better Than Chlorhexidine With an Anti-Discoloration System

icpa-scientifc update

Journal of Clinical Periodontology, 11th Nov 2020

[1] CHX has well-documented plaque-inhibiting effects and is used as a compensatory biocide for abstention of mechanical toothbrushing after periodontal surgery.

[2] Since the main side effect of CHX is tooth staining, this study was undertaken to determine whether CHX + ADS could maintain the plaque- inhibiting capacity of CHX while reducing tooth staining.

[3] Based on the results, the authors concluded that 0.2% CHX + ADS was less effective in preventing plaque and gingivitis.

[4] While 0.2% CHX + ADS produced significantly less tooth staining and mucosal discomfort, patients did not show a preference for either product.

[5] The authors concluded that “CHX-only” is the treatment of choice due to its superior plaque-inhibiting properties.


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