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Message From Rohit Mehta, Managing Director

rmehta-icpaI’ve always wanted to communicate with everyone and share my thoughts. In fact, that has primarily been the reason for me to step out of my cabin, but the moment my door opens, the vibrant office and its mood come to a standstill!

Jokes aside, I’ve always maintained that a man in my situation and of my temperament would always love to interact on a one on one basis with each and every one as I did earlier but physical travel or presence is a limitation.

MAGIC PAPER is therefore a better platform where I will be able to reach you more frequently and individually to interact with each one of you.

They say that the first introduction to a person is his face but his entire personality comes forth after hearing his voice. MAGIC PAPER is that voice. The voice of ICPA. Not just my voice but a collective voice. The voice not only of us at the ICPA, but all our associates present and past. The medical fraternity, the business associates as well as all our well-wishers.

MAGIC PAPER is an exchange platform to share our emotions, happiness, etc. where I would like to see your participation as a family member. You all are my extended family and it would be delightful for us to share our son’s success or our daughter’s marriage together which eventually makes us joyous family.

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