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Octinoxate 7.5% w/w, Avobenzone 2% w/w + Oxybenzone 3% w/w)

Offers UV-B and UV-A Protection

  • Contains SPF-35, ensures 97% protection from UV-B*
  • Contains PA+++, offers superior UV-A protection, thus prevents long term damages like photo ageing.
  • Fast absorbed and has a non greasy formula, ensures a shine free, light and smooth feel which does not get washed away easily.
  • It is non comedogenic-does not clog pores, thus, ideal for acne patients
  • Water resistant formula, well suited in humid conditions where there is excessive sweating


  • For prevention of sunburn, tanning and photoageing
  • In the management of photodermatoses
  • Post procedures after chemical peels, lasers, derma rollers & microdermabrasion

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