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Surface Anesthetic

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Surface anesthetics reversibly block nerve conduction near their site of administration. It works by inhibiting sodium channels at the nerve endings and along the axon. ICPA has perfect surface anesthetics for minor dental procedures.

Xicaine Surface Anesthetic with lignocaine hydrochloride I.P and 2% adrenaline I.P suppresses the pain and eases discomfort during dental procedures.

Xicaine Cartridges, ICPA’s latest offering, makes administrating a dose of anaesthetic much easier. It contains 2% lidocaine with 1:80,000 epinephrine injection solution.

Nummit Spray is a fast-acting surface anesthetic that consists of lidocaine U.S.P, inert solvents & propellant. It reversibly blocks nerve transmission when applied to the desired site of action during painful oral conditions.

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