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Mouthwash plays an important role in one’s oral care routine. Rinsing the mouth helps prevent plaque formation, tooth decay, and bad breath. ICPA’s range of mouth rinses provides effective dental protection.

Hexidine mouthwash contains chlorhexidine gluconate 0.2%, which is a gold standard antiplaque antibacterial agent. It is used for treatment of gum diseases and periodontitis.

Hexidine EP contains 0.12% chlorhexidine gluconate which offers extended protection for gum care. Hexidine EP is indicated for oral hygiene maintenance for:

  1. Long-term use in routine prophylaxis
  2. Maintenance of aesthetic restorations
  3. Oral hygiene maintenance for orthodontic patients

Aquarose mouthwash includes triclosan and sodium fluoride, which inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and prevent mouth and throat infections.

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