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Dental hypersensitivity is a sharp, painful sensation that occurs in teeth in response to stimuli such as sweet, sour, cold or hot foods and beverages. It affects the quality of life and results in extreme discomfort or an inability to eat or drink certain foods. It is caused due to the opening of the dentinal tubules, after the enamel has been removed by factors such as attrition, abrasion, erosion, or gum recession.

ICPA has a variety of products formulated to deliver immediate relief from sensitivity.

Our RA Thermoseal toothpaste contains potassium nitrate, which helps relieve dentinal pain by forming a neurosensory block. It also contains fluoride, which provides cavity protection. RA Thermoseal is indicated for immediate pain relief after scaling, post bleaching, and root exposures and crown cutting.

Thermoseal contains strontium chloride, which acts as a dentin sealant, i.e. seals the open dentinal tubules. Thermoseal toothpaste is indicated for treatment of sensitivity.

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