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Denture Cleanser

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ICPA denture cleansers are available in different forms such powder, tablet, and brush. Clinically proven, Clinsodent Powder is recommended for acrylic dentures, acrylic partials, removable restorations, and retainers. This innovative product contains active and inactive ingredients that help remove film, stains and plaque.

Clinsodent Tablet is formulated with sodium perborate monohydrate, which when used as directed helps removing tough stains and odor causing bacteria.

Unlike a regular toothbrush, the Clinsodent Brush features two types of nylon bristles to clean grooves and surfaces.

Our Replay Kit is a comprehensive denture management system. It includes a Clinsodent® Denture Brush, Clinsodent® Tablets, a Fixon Cream for better denture hygiene and management at home.

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