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Denture Adhesive

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ICPA has a broad line of dental adhesives – Fixon Cream, Fixon Powder and Fixon Super Grip. They are available in different indications, for temporary to permanent cementation. They provide excellent adhesion to restoration materials and considerably improve the bite force.

Fixon Powder contains carboxy methyl cellulose, which provides a great fit that lasts through the entire day. It helps the denture patients eat, speak, look and feel better.

Fixon Cream is a reliable adhesive cream that secures dentures safely and comfortably all day long. It is easy to use and also increase a patient’s bite force.

Fixon SuperGrip comprises of gantrez MS, sodium CMC (carboxymethyl cellulose), a convenient formula to enhance compliance. It helps to hold dentures securely and comfortably all day long. It seals out food particles and prevents them from slipping in between the dentures and gums.

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