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Message from Managing Director

rmehta-icpaTooth wear and tear due to daily acid attack is now a common occurrence, in fact 1 out 3 adult suffers from enamel erosion. Studies have shown that consumption of carbonated drinks once daily increases risk of erosion by 2.3 times and risk rises to 5.1 times when the consumption is 4 times daily

We at ICPA are poised to address this challenge with the Launch of Thermsoeal Repair.

– Thermoseal Repair toothpaste is an improved formulation fortified with the advantage of Strontium chloride Hexahydrate. Now it is available with good foam has  elegant packing with refreshing freshmint flavour

– Thermsoseal Repair, Repairs and protects as it replaces  lost calcium and forms Strontium calcium apatite complex which is acid resistant

– We have discontinued our Thermoseal tooth paste and henceforth there will be only Thermoseal Repair toothpaste. All your patients who are using Thermoseal should be advised to switch to  Thermsoeal Repair which is   is available in 50g and 100g packs

– Thermoseal Repair offers all contemporary benefits with huge cost savings to your patients. Is available at just 1/3 rd the price of all the competitors

Thermoseal Repair, besides sensitivity meets the challenges of Tooth wear and tear and your patients will have a refreshing experience daily The product is freely available at all retail stores. Looking for your experience of Tooth wear specialist – Thermoseal Repair

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