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Message from the Director

The other day my grandchild came in with a golf club calling out for me. I panicked! A child with a golf club could be, rather is, always dangerous.

Deep inside, I prayed. Could there be an escape? It looked like a remote possibility with the club wielded in the air but I was willing to hold on to the last straw!

Could this be the latest in the monthly change of her career options. Were we going to have a golfer in our family now?

“Nannu, a selfie…?”, she exclaimed.

“Selfish…? How could she say that…? I, of all the people, who had been the brunt of all jokes at home. About being a softie at heart…a gullible guy who could be taken for a ride by kids…! “Taken for a ride only by kids…!” but my proud protests were always met with deaf ears…! “Selfish?!!! No career changes this month for my grandchild!   It was the end of the road for me!”

“I’m not selfish,” I meekly claimed.

“God! Nannu you’ve really gone old…” This was sheer insult to injury…! Well, agreed the injury was yet to happen but…! “I said a selfie…not selfish” she retorted.

And then I realized.  That it was, after all not a golf club but, a camera stuck to the end of the stick called the selfie stick. I can’t tell you how relived I was to hear that. And then cheek to cheek we posed, rather pouted! That in fact, is my best pic till date! The picture taken after giving the impending death a clear miss!

My family members though attribute it to my love for the child but I know the real reason behind the best pic of my life! And now you know it too. Guess, I’ve got into the mode of sharing.

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