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Message from the Director 4

The Art of Negotiation, Part 2

The other day I had the opportunity to witness a bout of boxing, though not literally, in my daughter’s house. Or rather in my grandchild’s room.

With the schools opening for a fresh academic year I was a witness to rules for studies being formed by my daughter, targets for grades being discussed and fixed upon and my granddaughter laying her terms and conditions for the expected grades. The haggle between the mother and daughter was fun to watch but what upped my interest was what I could see from my vantage point in the room which was hidden from the eyes of my daughter. The little chit in my granddaughter’s hand which she kept referring to! They seemed to be her points she’d written down to negotiate!

She refused to party only once a month. Put her foot down to no sleepovers at friend’s place. Every minor increase in the laid down marks / grades were hard bargained with huge demands and gifts!

A good negotiator should observe everything. You must be part Sherlock Holmes, part Sigmund Freud and my granddaughter was doing it brilliantly. She had preempted each and every move, conditions to be laid down as well as expected grades on her mother ‘s end and was well prepared. She hardly gave her mother a chance to rethink and modify her conditions!

And that she was a pro at this age was proved by the fact that I saw my daughter give in to all her demands!

Deep down I was thrilled. She had it in her genes! We had another one in our family who did not fear to negotiate! Long live the art of negotiating!

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