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Grandpa Demonetized

The doorbell rang incessantly. These were signs of clear and present danger! I opened the door and in came my granddaughter howling. “I’ve left home! I’m never going to go back there,” she proclaimed. I pacified her with great difficulty and gathered that she had wanted to go shopping. Wanted to buy some stuff for drawing and painting and her mother had refused! Yes, you’ve guessed it correctly. It was time for the monthly change of heart or rather, career! “I didn’t ask her for money,” she wailed. “I have my own.” She pulled out a crisp PINK NOTE from her small pink purse. “All I wanted her was to accompany me. But she refused”! She lamented.

“I don’t mind going with you if it’s okay with you”, I offered. Her face lit up. I was immediately bundled off in the car with her. We reached the mall of her choice and like a butterfly she flew into the store. It was early in the morning and there were no other customers except us. I was enthralled by the variety of art materials available now. The art world had changed. I could hardly explore as she was quickly back. Beaming. She had probably found what she wanted. She pulled out her crisp PINKY and placed it on the counter. The cashier was apologetic. They did not have the required change that early in the morning. She looked towards me and… I swiped my card. “Nannu, I’ll pay you once we get the change for my note at the next store”. She insisted and I nodded.

We went to four different stores and the story was repeated at all the four places. I swiped my card everywhere. “I’ll pay you”. She said and I nodded. After all, she was coming back home with me. On the way, I checked the counterfoils of the swipes and realised that they totalled to 1900/-. All I had to do was take her crisp pink note and give her a crisper 100 rupees note that I had in my wallet. I was about to give her the good news when she asked the driver to stop the car and I realized that we had reached the ice cream parlour, which meant that after this stop we would have been even. I wouldn’t need to pay her anything! But when I looked out of the window I was surprised! It was her home which was on the way to mine. She jumped off, excitedly rushed towards her house as she sweetly waved me a bye before I could react! “Thank you Nannu…” and the door of her house swallowed her inside! And with that were swallowed my 1900 rupees.

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