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Festivals Galore

Looking back, I noticed that I had been spending a lot more time with my grandchildren and family last month. I didn’t realize it at first, but the reason was that this August was filled with festivities starting with Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Independence Day, and Ganesh Chaturthi; and just as September began, Eid. The devotion, joy, and celebrations made me think about the origin of these festivals and how I was curious about them as a child.

Festivals began as a way to celebrate our glorious culture, heritage, and traditions. They give us an opportunity to take a break from our exhaustive routines, spend time with our loved ones, and strengthen our sense of community.

So, when my grandchildren asked me why we celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi, I was more than happy to tell them the story of Lord Ganesh and how it became one of the biggest festivals in Maharashtra. Out of curiosity, they ventured on to know more about other festivals they recently celebrated and I, like a doting grandparent, gladly obliged.

They were amazed to know that the tradition of tying a rakhi can even be traced back to folklore and history. And that Janmashtami is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna. Upon hearing these stories, my grandchildren made me promise to tell them new stories about every festival we celebrate every year!

It filled me with joy to share the knowledge that was once imparted to me by my own grandfather. I hope that all our readers had a delightful month of celebrations and fond memories too!

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