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Quality Assurance

Quality Policy adopted by ICPA Health Products Ltd. is as follows :

ICPA is committed to focus on a goal to ensure that every product we manufacture and distribute meet or exceed established guidelines for the pharmaceutical industry in terms of quality, purity, efficacy & safety. 
We are committed to ensure consistent quality through continual improvement of operation of quality system and related quality processes.
All members of ICPA Family shall contribute to maintain excellence through quality standards that meet or exceed customer’s expectations.

Quality Principles:

The company has determined that the following be applied policy to ensure that all products meet the highest level of quality and efficacy. Our site will comply with local regulatory requirements and general principles of current good manufacturing practices.

To achieve our goals, ICPA Health Products Limited will :

  • Provide an environment suitable to the manufacture of drugs for human consumption.
  • Provide adequate training to all employees.
  • Set meaningful specification for all raw materials (RM’s), including packaging materials (PM’s), bulk products (BP’s) and finished products (FP’s).
  • Build quality into products.
  • Utilize written SOPs throughout the plant.
  • Monitor and control all plant activities.
  • Measure conformance to all local standards and cGMP principles.
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